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Denise Austin - Trimwalk:Indoor Version (фитнесс, VHSRip)
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Denise Austin - Trimwalk:Indoor Version (фитнесс, VHSRip)Denise Austin - Trimwalk:Indoor Version

Год выпуска: 1994
Страна: USA
Размер: 698 Мб
Продолжительность: 00:55:13
Язык: английский

Описание: Интересная аэробика, во второй части силовые упражнения на все группы мышц.

The goal of Trimwalk is to walk two miles right in front of your TV in just 6 feet of space," says Denise Austin. This 1994 video presents a 30- minute, low-impact workout based on walking movements in different directions to music. The pace is the equivalent to four miles per hour. You don't just "walk" during this workout. Austin does plenty of marching (four steps in several directions), but also spices up the routine with easy dance-aerobic moves such as charleston, grapevine, and jazz box. Each step is repeated many times, and there are no complicated patterns to learn. Austin's cuing is sometimes late (she starts the move before she tells you what it is), which you may find frustrating at first. After your "walk," Austin presents 15 minutes of lower- body strengthening exercises targeting the abs, thighs, and buttocks. You'll do abdominal exercises plus lunges, standing leg lifts, and squats, all effective exercises for the lower body.

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