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Rivers Susan – Oxford Tiny Talk 3
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Rivers Susan – Oxford  Tiny Talk 3
Автор:Rivers Susan
Название: Oxford Tiny Talk 3
Издательство: Oxford
Год: 2008
Формат: МР3+PDF
Размер: 585МВ

Эта Оксфордская классическая программа разработана специально для детей 3-6 лет. Это самые первые шаги в английском языке (как в иностранном).
Курс состоит из 3-х уровней.
Benny and Sue are the main characters in the first two levels of Tiny Talk, a three-level listening and speaking series for preschool and kindergarten children learning English.
The three levels of Tiny Talk are divided into A and B sections. Each section includes a Student Book, a Workbook, a Cassette, Picture Cards, and Wall Charts. The easy-to-use Teacher's Book provides step-by-step lesson plans and a wide variety of games and fun activities, including numerous suggestions for using the Puppets.
The Benny and Sue Puppets are playful cloth versions of the characters appearing in the Tiny Talk series. They can be used to attract and hold children's attention throughout the course, directly involving young students in the presentation and practice of new language in fun and meaningful ways.
Benny and Sue are joined by their friends Mike and Julie in Level 2. Mike and Julie Puppets are also available.
1) Student Book 3A и 3B
2) CD - к Student Book 3A и 3B
3) Teacher's Book 3 (одна книга к 3A и 3B)

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