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lusin 6-03-2011
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ColorsISBN 1-60214-018-9
ISNN-13 978-1-60-214-019-6
Play Bac Publishing USA, Inc., 2007
Серия — EyeLike.
56 стр.
Формат — pdf (rar)
Размер — 62.80 Мб (recovery record)

Книга о цветах в природе с прекрасными фотографиями. Показаны разные оттенки цветов.
Для детей от 4 лет.

Every color and hue can be found in nature! Red, yellow, green, and blue, purple, pink, and orange too. We experience in everything we see in the world around us.
You'll find that nature can be absolutely amazing!

Walking through the pages of this book, curious young readers will discover nature's many colors.
Those who take a closer look will find a thousand shades, because whether is it forest, or apple, no green is the same!
Nature changes with the seasons and so do colors. At the beach, on the ground, or in the sky, they come in every shade imaginable. So to see every corol in nature's rainbow, let's look at the world around us and keep our eyes open.
After all, nature is an exellent teacher!

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