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Gude Kathy - Advanced Listening and Speaking
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Gude Kathy - Advanced Listening and SpeakingАвтор: Gude Kathy
Название: Advanced Listening and Speaking
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Год: 1999
Формат: МР3+PDF
Размер: 71МВ

Учебник может быть использован для подготовки к экзамену на CAE.
How can it be used?
* As a supplement to Advanced Masterclass, for those students who require further help for Papers 4 and 5 of the CAE exam.
Key features
* Each of the free-standing units gives teaching and practice for all the skills and task-types covered by the exam.
* The topic areas are approached from innovative angles and use interesting and unusual texts as prompt materials.
* Each unit focuses on four key areas: exams skills (e.g. picking up cues, collaborating); language skills (e.g. writing notes while listening, awareness of intonation); topic areas (e.g. food, politics, education); and notional and functional areas (e.g. collaborating, speculating, predicting).
* There is a bank of exam-style activities and useful hints for each paper.
* A full answer key is provided.
* The course has been written with the invaluable insight of an experienced teacher and examiner.

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