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Tigrena 29-06-2010
Cheeky Monkey 2 / 2009 /
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Cheeky Monkey 2 / 2009 /Название:Cheeky Monkey 2
Автор: Harper, Kathryn & Medwell, Claire
Издатель: Macmillan
Формат: Cd
ISBN: 9780230011557
Год: 2009
Размер:78 Мб

Описание: Cheeky Monkey is a three-level British English course for very young children. Adopting a flexible approach to teaching, the course is suitable for different teaching situations and the varied learning styles of such young learners. The central character of the course is Cheeky Monkey, a lively and fun-loving monkey who gets involved in all kinds of adventures and community-focused activities. The Cheeky Monkey Puppet and the stories and songs of the course help students to engage in English and to relate Cheeky's adventures to their own lives and experiences and become truly involved in learning the language.

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