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Stanley's Sticker Stories
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Stanley's Sticker StoriesНазвание: Stanley's Sticker Stories
Размер:320 Мб

Описание:Students will strengthen reading, writing, and vocabulary skills, improve spelling, and build creativity as they create their own animated storybooks, alphabet and number books, letters, and signs. Tools, large buttons, and Stanley's spoken help make it easy for students as they create and use animation, sound effect, and music to bring their stories to life.

Special features include spoken help that assists both readers and non-readers and record and playback options that allow non-writers to express ideas independently.
Learning Opportunities
Strengthen Reading and Writing Skills
Build Creativity
Spell the Names of More Than 300 Stickers
Enhance Communication Skills
Choose from more than 300 stickers! Record your own sound to make characters talk, sing, and laugh! Click on the Sticker Spelling Book to see and hear the spelling of a favorite sticker. Animate characters with the click of a button. Click on Stanley to get fun ideas for stories.
Print your stories in color or black and white. Play back your story and watch it come alive-on screen. Add a musical introduction to any page or narrate your story. Type words and sentences to add to your story. Stickers get bigger as they're dragged to the front of the scene, and shrink as they're moved into the background.

Minimum System Requirements:
Systems: Windows 7, Vista/, 95/98 and MAC
486, Pentium or better
Hard disk with 4 MB free
640x480, 256 color monitor, super VGA
2X or faster CD-ROM drive
Windows-compatible sound card
Microphone (optional)


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<!--FFriend-->Stanley's Sticker Stories<!--EndFFriend--> <!--FFriend-->Stanley's Sticker Stories<!--EndFFriend--> <!--FFriend-->Stanley's Sticker Stories<!--EndFFriend-->
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