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iamlak 23-12-2013
Knitting Outside the Swatch
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Knitting Outside the SwatchНазвание: Knitting Outside the Swatch
Автор: Kristin Omdahl
Год: 2013
Страниц: 141
Формат: jpg
Размер: 65 MB
Язык : English

Kristin Omdahl's designs—including the 40 motifs and 10 projects in Knitting Outside the Swatch—are unique, eye-catching, and drop-dead gorgeous! Learn to join flowers, circle, squares, stars, infinity loops, and other shapes in unusual ways to create the loveliest fabrics, edgings, embellishments, and wearables, including:
• an extra-long möbius diamond cowl
• a light and gauzy shrug with huge starburst focal points on the back
• a stunning argyle lace pullover
• a shawl made out of deceptively simple interlinked flowers
• a stunning scarf made from a herringbone pattern of rectangles with knit Xs and Os to symbolize hugs and kisses, and more

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