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Zawicki Jean - Santas, Etc Vol.1
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Zawicki Jean - Santas, Etc Vol.1Автор:Zawicki Jean
Название: Santas, Etc Vol.1
Издательство: Eas'l Publications
ISBN: 1573771767, 9781573771764
Год: 2003
Формат: JPG
Размер: 24МВ
Язык: Английский

Книга по декоративной росписи акриловыми красками на новогоднюю тему. Даны шаблоны. I'M FINALLY BACK . . . ready to do MORE Santas and Snowmen! The past two years have been spent orchestrating a major move, from Wisconsin to Florida and I'm still trying to squeeze 10# into a 2# can. I lost don't want to do a move like this ever again! I'm semi-settled with a little "painting nest" to work in, and a little time to visit, especially fellow painters! It's so good to get back to doing what I enjoy most! I'm now occasionally having fun painting, not JUST packing and unpacking.
SANTAS, ETC., books 1.2З will all contain mostly Santas and snowmen, with just a sprinkle of other subjects that I hope will meet with YOUR approval! I've always done most of my work through the cold winters, bat now I need to shift gears so I will work through those "long hot summer" days. So. VII begin Vol. 2 as soon as this one is finished. Ill continue to travel teach Ф paint as long as the Lord will allow, bet Bob's health makes the immediate future a little uncertain as far as travel is concerned. His cancer has moved to the bone, but he's still going great. If you're traveling into the Orlando, Florida area ... we hope you'll consider giving us a call and perhaps dropping by for a visit. I miss seeing you at the Natl, convention, but sure don't miss setting up a booth!

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