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Romantic Silk Ribbon Keepsakes
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Romantic Silk Ribbon KeepsakesRomantic Silk Ribbon KeepsakesНазвание:Romantic Silk Ribbon Keepsakes
Автор: Mary Jo Hiney
Издательство: Sterling
Год: 1998
ISBN: 080698144X, 978-0806981444
Страниц: 128
Язык: English
Формат: JPG
Размер файла: 20.1 Мб

Ощутите романтический дух викторианской эпохи, создавая изящные вещицы, одежду и аксессуары шелковой лентой. Более четырех десятков работ, каждый проиллюстрирован цветной фотографией и четкими схемами. Также вам предложены понятные уроки вышивки шелковой лентой, так что даже начинающие рукодельницы имеют возможность получить отличные работы.
Capture the romantic spirit of the Victorian era with delicate-looking silk ribbon gifts, clothing, and accessories. More than 40 projects are showcased in glorious full-color photographs, and every technique is clearly explained so that even novice crafters can make beautiful keepsakes. Transform a basic silk camisole into an exquisite piece of lingerie, or embellish a plain blazer with creeping vines of dainty ribbon flowers. Add magic to your dinner table with charming ribbon rose napkin holders. Record your most treasured thoughts in a journal covered in lace and ribbonwork. Indulge yourself or someone close to you with luxurious gifts like an opulent hand mirror, pretty sachets, a jewelry box adorned with a bouquet of ribbon flowers, or a lingerie bag almost too beautiful to keep in a drawer. A detailed general "how-to" chapter includes information on selecting ribbons and other tools, as well as illustrated instructions for embroidery stitches and for making a gardenful of ribbon flowers. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to make heirloom-quality treasures.

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