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Craft creations magazine #4 (winter) 1996
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Craft creations magazine #4 (winter) 1996 Название: Craft creations magazine №4 1996
Автор: коллектив
Издательство: Сraftcreations
Год: 1996
Выпуск: Issue 4, Winter
Страниц: 33
Язык: english
Формат: PDF
Размер файла: 5.18 Мб.

Отличный английский журнал, посвященный оригинальным открыткам ручной работы. Тема этого выпуска – Новый год и Рождество. Счетная вышивка, в том числе, конечно, вышивка крестом, вышивка гладью, квиллинг, пачмент крафт, пэчворк, квилтинг, рисование по ткани, коллажи, объемный декупаж, цветочные композиции и другие техники. Сложность работ различная: как для опытных мастериц, так и для девочек.
Craft creations magazine #4 (winter) 1996
Excellent English journal devoted to original handmade greeting cards. The theme of this issue - New Year and Christmas. It covers a multitude of crafts including: cross-stitch, embroidery, quilling, parchment craft, cut paper work, rubber stamping, stencilling, painting, drawing, pressed flowers, collage, 3D decoupage, ribbon embroidery, quilting and patchwork. The complexity of the different: as for experienced skilled workers, and for girls.
Craft creations magazine #4 (winter) 1996

• Candle & Holly The golden radiance around this candle and holly adds a special touch to this cross stitch pattern.
• Christmas Crackers Our Christmas cracker template is a really easy way to create lots of cheerful Christmas cards.
Craft creations magazine #4 (winter) 1996

• Christmas Pattern Keep yourself absorbed for hours with this attractive Christmas sampler. The stitches used are illustrated and each step clearly explained.
• Christmas Robins All you need to make these traditional Christmas robins are a little time, some Craft Creations 3D decoupage paper, matching cards, scissors and sticky pads. The end results are certain to bring you many compliments.
• Christmas Stocking You can fill this Christmas stocking with all sorts of goodies. A lovely card for a child.
• Dove Of Peace Two ideas for cards, both using the versatile dove template provided in this project.
• Embroidered Tree A sparkling Christmas tree embroidered in fern stitch, chain stitch and stem stitch, then decorated with sequins.
• Fabric Picture Cards If you find it hard to part with pretty fabric scraps here is a way to put them to good use instead of just hoarding them in your sewing box! See how effective they can look when mounted in our cards!
• Fun With Sequin Waste So many sequin waste ideas that are suitable for even the very young. You will be amazed at the different ways you can turn sequin waste into beautiful cards.
• Holly Wreath The holly berries here are glass beads which add '3D' interest to this cross stitched Christmas wreath.
• North Pole Xmas A cross stitch design featuring a loveable polar bear surprised to see a pretty Christmas tree in the snow.
• Oval Patchwork Stars A lovely variation to the more usual 'round' patchwork stars. Just as easy to make and very beautiful. You will have to download the 'Patchwork Stars' for some of the instructions as this is a continuation project.
• Parchment Craft Deer This snowflake can be used as a Christmas tree or window decoration. It is a quick and simple project suitable for anyone with just a little experience of crochet.
• Peek-a-boo (Ouch!) A charming cross stitch of a playful snowman who has had a rather uncomfortable mishap involving a prickly holly bush!
• Ribbon Wreath A very effective Christmas wreath created using ribbons and beads. We show how the method can be adapted for occasions such as birthdays or weddings.
• Shadow Quilted Rose Learn a new skill with this guide to making our shadow quilted rose card. We provide a pattern and clear instructions.
• Simple Symmetry This clever method of creating perfectly symmetrical designs could not be simpler, yet the end results look really professional.
• Skating Bear Another lovely Christmas cross stitch idea with this little bear happily skating across the ice.
• Smiling Snowflake This pretty snowflake with a lovely happy smiling face and 'wobbly' eyes is sure to make people smile at Christmas.
• Snowman Continuing our snow theme, here is a traditional snowman in cross
• Valentine Roses These lovely roses in cross stitch are designed to win the heart of your Valentine.
• Winter Landscape Recreate the frozen beauty of a wintry landscape using a little pressed foliage and acrylic paints. Simple step by step instructions.
• Woven Ribbon Tree The simplest ideas are often amongst the best as is amply demonstrated by this method of ribbon weaving which creates all sorts of attractive patterns.
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