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Fagot1953 31-05-2010
The Brothers Grimm - Fairy stories (Anna Massey) [En]
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The Brothers Grimm - Fairy stories (Anna Massey) [En]Название: The Brothers Grimm - Fairy stories
Читает: Anna Massey
Год: 1986
Жанр: Сказка
Язык: Английский
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Продолжительность: 06:28:15
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Полный аудиосборник сказок братье Гримм в прочтении эталонного носителя английского языка Anna Massey. Никогда еще изучение языка не было таким увлекательным :)

The author
The Brothers Grimm (German: Die Brüder Grimm or Die Gebrüder Grimm), Jacob (January 4, 1785 - September 20, 1863) and Wilhelm Grimm (February 24, 1786 - December 16, 1859), were German academics who were best known for publishing collections of folk tales and fairy tales and for their work in linguistics, relating to how the sounds in words shift over time (Grimm's law).
They are among the best known story tellers of novellas from Europe, allowing the widespread knowledge of such tales as Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, and The Frog Prince.

The reader
Anna Raymond Massey, CBE (born 11 August, 1937) is an English actress born in Thakeham, West Sussex, England, the daughter of British actress Adrianne Allen and Canadian-born Hollywood actor Raymond Massey. Her late brother, Daniel Massey, was also an actor. She is the niece of Vincent Massey, a Governor General of Canada.
Massey was on stage as a teenager and made her film debut in 1958. In 1960, she played a potential murder victim in Michael Powell's cult thriller Peeping Tom. She played the role of the cockney barmaid Babs in Alfred Hitchcock's Frenzy (1972). She appeared with her brother Daniel playing deadly siblings in the 1973 horror film The Vault of Horror.
Massey continued to make occasional film and stage appearances, but has worked more frequently in television, in dramas such as The Pallisers (1974), the 1978 adaptation of Rebecca (in which she starred along with her ex-husband, Jeremy Brett), The Mayor of Casterbridge (1978), The Cherry Orchard (1980), and Anna Karenina (1985). She had roles in the British sitcoms The Darling Buds of May (1991) and The Robinsons (2005). She has also appeared in a number of mysteries and thrillers on British television, including episodes of Inspector Morse, The Inspector Alleyn Mysteries, Midsomer Murders, Strange, and Lewis. She is the narrator of This Sceptred Isle on BBC Radio. She also played the part of Josephine Daunt in Daunt and Dervish on BBC radio.

In 1986, Massey was awarded the British Academy TV Award for Best Actress for her role in Hotel Du Lac.

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