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Speaking of Values 2
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Speaking of Values 2Название: Speaking of Values 2 (Book & 2 Audio CDs)
Серия: Speaking of Values
Год выпуска: 2006
Автор: Robin Mills
Издательство: Pearson ESL
Формат: pdf, wma
Страниц: 145
Bitrate audio: 96 kbps
Размер: 130,79 MB
Язык: English

Speaking of Values 2 stimulates high-intermediate students to discuss cultural and personal beliefs. Step by step, students build confidence in their ability to express themselves in English while developing vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

Each chapter includes:
• photos, illustrations, and guided questions to help students access prior knowledge and personal experience
• problem-solving activities to encourage critical thinking skills
• topic-related vocabulary presentation with practice activities
• authentic readings, including newspaper articles, to extend topic knowledge and enrich vocabulary
• conversation tips that expose students to high-frequency phrases and language functions
• role plays, proverbs for discussion, a variety of other activities to stimulate classroom discussion

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