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m.manchester 9-10-2009
Watermark Software 3.0.0 Portable
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· Fast Watermarking Process - The photo watermark software have a Powerful batch processing function, utilizes a fast second generation engine. add pictures of the form as 800 * 600 Pixels, can finish it for you in 10 seconds.
· Display EXIF Information - Watermark Software is an useful to understand EXIF information from your digital photos. watermark software provides these information to you, include "Camera Name", "Date Time", "F-Nunber" etc.
· Support all popular formats - If you add different formats to watermark software, will process them in once, independent of their format.
· Photo Resize - If your picture isn't suitable size, you can use the function to Resize ,and keep best effects. Only the our photo watermark software can do it.

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